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Lineage 2 Essence

Welcome to another review from E-Arena!


In this review we examine the Lineage2 Essence. It is a new version of Lineage2, from what we’ve gathered, it is based on the failed Classic model but with A LOT of modifications.



The game itself looks like as good as all other modern Lineage2 out there, gameplay wise we liked that there is a new DD class (Death Knight) and that all characters get a lot of self buffs!
Who doesn’t like for example to be a Mage and have Acumen, Wild Magic, Empower and Berserker at all times? It is a fantastic concept, kinda renders the buffers useless in a way though!
The downside here is that Dances & Songs traditional party buffs, have become self buff skills for their classes. The rumor has it that in a future update this will be corrected. We wait and see!
By the way, I have created lot of classes to test how they perform, the BladeDancer seems to be my favorite! He can solo everywhere even with the free gear!

Free 2 Play or Pay 2 win?

Speaking of free…the game is free 2 play but not pay 2 win, which is a great thing! Works for people who don’t want to pay monthly fees but can pay from time to time for cosmetics etc but,
the free gear that you get in the game by completing quests is kinda bad! Let me explain, as I said before, I have made a BladeDancer, which traditionally used Dual swords and the game at no point
gives me the ability to choose my weapon! Same goes for all classes that don’t use the traditional sword or 2 handed blunt weapon. And if you are a TANK and need a shield…forget it! Unless you farm money!
So far on my level (currently 64) with 6 chars I haven’t picked up a single drop and by drop I mean full weapon/armor/jewel. Only materials.
So what do you do to get your char….work properly? PAY. Yes, PAY.
The amount is not that bad, just 9 euros to get the C grade pack that will give you a C Grade Weapon, C grade armor set and C grade jewels AND a B grade weapon coupon,
which you can’t use until you make it to 68!!! Yeah, for freaking B grade gear that is for 52 to 61, you have to be 68 to open it!!! This is insane!


Character progress

Until 48, if I am not wrong, there are quests that help the player to gain exp & Skill Points fast. After that, things starts to get slow, very slow! And here is where the good things of the game stopped for me.
Let me explain, until 41 we were mostly alone in the quests areas but after 41 that the game goes to its first bottleneck until 45, we were in Sea of Spores. The place was so overcrowded and people don’t setup correctly their auto-exp,
what they do is called KS (Kill Steal) they will attack the same enemy as you do. This is bad. Very bad. Because you will -both you and the other player- get less xp and just 1 of the 2 (or even more as will explain later) will get the quest item and frankly
it is annoying AF!
At 47 we were asked to go to quest in Cemetary, there the number of players is quadruple to that of the players in Sea of Spores. There everyone is KS and this leads to the next HUGE problem of this game. PK.


Player Killer (PK) Simulator

The game in its current state is a PK simulator. There is nothing to debate about it.
PKiers can be good, if used correctly, for example if they start actually killing players who KS. That would be something accepted by the community and would make all those retards out there to use the Respect option and not KS everything.
But the high level players don’t do that. They come to kill everyone in one area, maybe exception would be their clan members or their alt character(s).
Lineage2 was always harsh to PKiers, after your 5th PK, if you died from other players or enemies, you had chances to lose gear from your inventory and the higher number of Players you’ve killed the more karma you had, which made you a bullseye for all players.
In this game, I have been PKied by someone 82 level and I was 58, I wasn’t using the KS option and didn’t bother anyone.

XP Areas

Lineage2 is a huge game in general. This version is not. They chopped off maybe 3/4 of the game and bottlenecked the people in a few exp locations which creates all the above problems (KS and PK).
This is what annoyed me the most, the restriction of exp areas. If they had 3-4-5 different exp locations for each level range (50 to 60, 60 to 70 and so on) the people would spread and they wouldn’t KS which would lead to less higher level players coming to PK lower level players.
In the 52+ areas I wish I was KS by just 1 player! The number of players who have bottlenecked is so insane high that for every enemy, at least 4 players goes to it!!!


Final conclusion

The game for me is a clean 6/10. The game is enjoyable until it isn’t. The game has a huge player base until it is bottlenecked and becomes a problem. The game is free 2 play until it isn’t.
And so on!
Yes, they can do things to improve it in future updates. For example Dances/Songs at least, should have been from day 1 party buffs! Maybe not for the exping but for raid bosses and PvP!

The Good

  • New Class
  • Lot's of Self Buffs!
  • You can actually solo

The Bad

  • PK simulator
  • Dances/Songs are self buffs
  • B Grade Weapon Coupon can be used in 68!

Written by: Μονομάχος

Comfuzio is a gamer since very young age, ahead of his era and Hellenic society in general. He is also very funny and informative!

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