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Lineage II … a very late review! Is it still worth to play it?

December 19th, 2018… on the Dawn of 2019…is the time I write this review for Lineage2….well is it worth it?

Let’s find out!

What is Lineage2?: 

Lineage2 or L2 or Lineage II is an mmorpg that has been out since October 1, 2003 (April 27, 2004 in NA & EU) and most likely will be there for the foreseeable future.
First thing newcomers will notice …is the outdated graphics, no Multicore CPU utilisation and little to no GPU usage. From one point this is good because even people with very old hardware can play but on the other hand, if you have a beast pc…it will go wasted even if you run 3 clients of it! But please, if you play this game, buy an SSD and install it there!
Second is that the game is Free….but when something is Free, you are the product! Right? Well…not in this case…in the way that they don’t spy on you or sell your data but keep on reading!
You can go fast to 99 with the “free” stuff the game will provide to you, although I do not recommend it for you as player and the other people who will play with you, but the real game starts after 103 and the path from 99 to 103 and beyond requires a LOT and I mean A LOT of money to be invested in it!
Forget the 69$/Euros that you would buy a triple A new title, in L2 you will have to invest thousands, YES, THOUSANDS of Euros/Dollars in order to be able to play the game and be good at it!
Let me explain further, I play this game for years and I love(d) my time in it, I am 103 Wynn Spectral Master on Main and 102 Feoh Storm Screamer on Dual, I have a +6 Blessed Leather set for my Summoner and a +3 Normal Robe Set for my Feoh, I have Epic Jewels and I am not good at either classes!
Why? Because I need to have a Cloak (20 to 200bil*), I need to have a Circlet (10 to 100bil), PvE or PvP weapon and armor set (about 25bil the weapon and about 50bil the armor) and perhaps then I might be good! I’d be missing the levels but if I have the gear leveling would be easy right? Technically yes, practical no. What I mean? Yes, the gear helps A LOT but there are no groups! You have to either have a CP (Constant Party) or wait in line to make group with randoms who most likely won’t be well geared, be AFK, leave without prior notice and so on!
*each billion is about 10$-10Euros

But….but there is the Classic why do you keep playing in this Pay 2 Win game???!!!

Yeah right, no….NO! The Classic isn’t classic! Anyone who has played the game from its beginning can understand what I am saying! 1000 times to keep play the “Live” version as they call it than Classic!
Also for me is…”been there, done that” more than once. As I’ve said before, I play this game for years and I have been in that path before. Not feeling well in the dawn of 2019 playing with C grade, fighting to get maybe B grade while I already have a high level char with Medium to Good gear!


There are 7 total different races in this game, more or less all races can be any of the classes with exception of Crafter has always to be Main Class in Dwarf, Judicator always 3rd SubClass of Kamaels and the Ertheia Main classes that are unique to this race.
I personally love the variation of Races and classes in this game compared to other MMORPG’s.


There are 8 basic classes with variations in between, not all of them are wanted-needed above 100 level. Until 100 more or less everybody is need, assuming of course they are well geared and not with the freebie weapon/armor.
After 100 level there are the faction daily quests where all parties need AOE (Area Of Effect) Damage Dealers(Feoh and Yul), Tank, Buffer & Healer. If you are any of the WynnTyrr or Ertheia classes (Ertheia race as main) you can forget parties in those regions UNLESS you are the Party Leader and you will have to “bribe” other people to join your parties with vitality party cakes!


The classes more or less are balanced amongst them, what I mean, it won’t be much of difference if you have a Human or Elf or Dark Elf Archer in your party but if you don’t have one Archer but instead you have a Summoner or any Tyrr then you loose a lot of Damage and everything will take significant longer to be done IF it get’s done at all.
Where the game is totally unbalance is PvP and anything related to it(Sieges, Olympiads and Ceremony), one person with deep pockets, can and has, destroy the game for everyone else. There are things sold in the in-game store that completely change the balance of the game and there is NO in-game method to acquire that gear no matter how good you are or how much time you are investing in it.


There are many Clans in the game, PvE clans,  PvP clans, combo of the two, clans that you can make just for extra storage. Most clans work with CP, although I can understand why, ex the chemistry between the members of that CP, that is something that ruins the game for the rest of the clan members, makes it impossible for new members to feel welcome in a clan and can result in people quiting the game if their clan has no groups and active wars so this person can’t even group up with randoms.
I am in this category, I am new to clan that has 2 CP and the rest members aren’t the classes need to form a new CP or even temporary group.

I want to play it, what do you recommend?

If you want to start this game, my suggestion would be to start a Tank or Healer or Buffer (Human, Hierophant), those classes have little to no problem in finding group, for sure you have to invest in all of them for good Armor but you don’t have to invest in the Weapon so much or in Epic Jewels. Tank might be hard to get groups in <99 level instances/areas but above 100 no party can happen without a good tank! Healer needs good armor and any weapon with extra health/mana and will be needed for everything! And Buffer, although I would like to say all of them are needed, Hierophant takes a really nice buff at 101 (Prophecy Of Might) that makes this classes preferable to any other class.
Now if you choose the path of a damage dealer, you have to prepare yourself to pay A LOT, you need a +12 R99 PvE Weapon, a +10 R99 Armor set, 5/5 Epic Jewels, Circlet, Cloak, Jewels, Dyes and whatever nc$oft will add in the future! Those you need in any DD class BUT as I said before, after 99 if you are not an AOE classes (Archer or Mage), you will have to forget being in parties



My final verdict is: 3/10.
While it has good elements, it can be fun at times and there is no other MMORPG like it out there, the Pay 2 Win model absolutely destroy the fun of the game.
The game engine is very old and that can be clearly seen in the game. From loading times to teleports, from low framerates with very low GPU usage to random crashes.
The many classes of the game although give a variation, when it comes to high level questing/grinding narrows down to Tank/Healer/Buffer & AOE DDs. The rest can fuck off!
The L2Store is expensive, buying NCoins, the currency that you use in the in-game store is expensive and the items in the store are expensive as well.
Don’t expect to have PvP if you don’t spend at least 5000Euros/Dollars, forget the Hero status under 10.000Euros/Dollars

The Good

  • Grinding
  • Sandgame
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Lot's of Classes
  • Free 2 play*
  • Sieges

The Bad

  • Pay To Win
  • Outdated Engine
  • Outdated Graphics
  • Unbalanced
  • Expensive

Written by: Μονομάχος

Comfuzio is a gamer since very young age, ahead of his era and Hellenic society in general. He is also very funny and informative!

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