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Red Dead Redemption 2 – PC Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Edition

So here we are! A review about Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC!
I’ve been playing this game on my new PC for a couple of weeks now and I kind of love to hate this game.
Let me explain! The game is gorgeous looking! I have it also on the xbox one X and it is the same story blablabla so I kind of knew what to expect!
Story-wise the game is great but it suffers from poor optimisation on the PC, I am rocking an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x OC at 4.25GHz, 32GB Ram OC to 3733Mhz, 1TB NVMe SSD and a poor RX480 8GB GPU.
Yes, yes I know, I need to change GPU! It is in my to-do list but a good GPU is too pricey for me at the moment!

The game crashes very often, it doesn’t matter if I am in the on-line or story mode, some times, even now after so many patches, it won’t even start with a crash after the first loading screen! And I am not the only one! My friends get crashes too!
I am having the latest Windows 10 (1909) and latest AMD drivers for both chipset and GPU, latest BIOS for my motherboard etc! I face no problems in other games, just only in RDR2!


In this review I will mostly talk about the on-line, this is the mode that I’ve spend most of my time and where I’ve made my opinion about the game. The reason being that I’ve played the story on x-box so I didn’t have the urge to re-do it on the PC, yet!
I loved the character customisation but I have to say this: What the F!?!? Why ALL games that have online they have mute characters? Does it cost too much to get a bunch of voice actors to give voice to our chars?
All our characters do is: Nod. Yes, Nod!
To be fair it is not only a problem of RDR2 but as i’ve stated above in ALL or almost in ALL online games!

Then I had to do a couple of missions before I am able to do the online stuff!
My friends and I, have succeeded those missions and we are about to start playing together!
Oh boy! Where to start? Before we started to play the on-line mode, we’ve spend some time in YouTube watching videos and tutorials. Most of them were from PS4/PS4Pro and the 3 NPC that give role missions (Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector) didn’t ask the players to pay Gold Bars but on the PC? Oh boy! 15Gold Bar each NPC!!! JeZeus! For a new player just starting the game it is nearly impossible to get those missions…UNLESS! You’ve guessed! We pay to buy Gold Bars from their store!
I don’t want to repeat myself, I dislike Free2Play/Pay2Win games. But what I hate more is games that I buy full price and they have in-game transactions! FFS developers FFS!
I am a customer but still I do care about the devs and they should be making money in order to further develop the game and maybe lead to a new title a few years later, sure I get it BUT dear devs, find another way to gain money without making us unhappy!


What it is wrong with the camp? I am setting up a camp for my self or for my posse and the camp is nowhere to be found! On the menu the game says that my camp is, I am looking everywhere and the camp is…nowhere!
Only if I close the game and open it again I might find my camp! Oh and the camp moves! No, no, no you silly! I don’t mean that the npc packs it up and move! What I meant is that I setup camp at spot A, do a mission or whatever and my camp has been moved somewhere else!
For such a crucial part of the game, Rockstar didn’t put as much effort as they should!


Brain dead horse

I have a bunch of games that have horses in them (The Witcher 3, AC Odyssey and AC Origins to name a few) and in all of them the horses come upon calling them! In RDR2 the horse AI is BRAIN DEAD. The host some times doesn’t come at all and some times it comes but keep distance from me. Rarely it comes as it should, but only rarely! And yes, I have maximum level bonding(lvl4) with my horse for some time now and it doesn’t seem to affect its “personality”.

I will keep adding stuff as I will keep playing the game but my verdict so far is at best a 6/10

The Good

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great Story

The Bad

  • None existent On-line
  • Pay to unlock missions
  • Poor optimisation
  • Terrible Horse AI
  • No voice on Player Characters
  • Pay 2 Win

Written by: Μονομάχος

Comfuzio is a gamer since very young age, ahead of his era and Hellenic society in general. He is also very funny and informative!

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