Iridium – People are power

Iridium – People are Power

Let’s see what Iridium coin is!


A CPU and GPU friendly, ASIC-proof CryptoNight algorithm  with >0.01% premine (testing network).

 -The Coin’s Specifications are – 

– Ticker: IRD
– Low 25,000,000 total coin supply, differentiating from the other CryptoNight coins with over 100 billion coins in total supply.
– Block-by-block linearly weighted, weighted harmonic mean on latests 60 blocs, algorithm by Zawy.
– Difficulty target is 175 seconds.
– High emission rate, with 12,500,000 coins being rewarded in the first year. This is to encourage mining and coin growth.
– Bounties will be used to promote decentralized development of the coin.
– 20 Block Confirmation Maturity
– Community-driven development, many suggestions made by community members will be developed.

You can get started by getting the wallet:

MacOs, Linux and Windows Wallet :

And you can start mining Iridium to the pools bellow. Please ping them all (or choose based on your location)and choose the one with lowest ping!
Also pools will provide links to the mining software

Iridium (IRD) Pools 2018 
last update : March 8 2018

Before you choose what pool to mine on, make sure to check the hashrates of each pool
and try to spread hashing power evenly between each pool to keep blocks decentralized.
for faster responses, use the closest pool


Europe > Total Fee 3% ( 1% to dev, 1% to core devs) > Total Fee 0.5% ( 0.25% to core dev ) > Fee 1.5%  > Fee 0.5%
US > fee 1.5% ( 0.5% to dev, 0.5% to core devs ) > Fee 1% > Fee 0.5% down since feb 16.
RU > Fee 0.5 %
AU > Fee 1.5% ( 0.5% to dev, 0.5% to core devs )


What about exchanges?

This is work in progress but we will have news for it soon! The coin will have a HardFork on March 15th as the last stage for it to be ready for exchanges.
If you want to see Iridium to many exchanges you can help by donating:

– Donations wallets – 

BITCOIN (BTC) : 1BXWyLa9hA92Wur8coX1bTqq7vHbEspNrE
ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETC) : 0x1ceB806BEaF4Fc10b936A9aD24D43DaaEa1ff8C6
ETHEREUM (ETH) : 0xf2b8F8629EeD0151b3c0C4f4355697cfc435DfAb
IRIDIUM (IRD) : ir3UgNczh3Dc4HaxnsR1DJQVn9pwT9g72bv6ocjASK4C5JEWsV8ZRXfgfP7t2mVAP8Mszx9V3eaiBBRmrzmMS7gY3Af12fRj2


Where can you get more information?

Official Website:
http://ird.cashOfficial Reddit Channel: Twitter Page: Discord Server:

Telegram :

Block Explorer:



Wiki – API:



But now you will ask me, why Iridium???

Because Iridium is a community driven coin! Yes, you! You who reads this can help the future of the coin! Your ideas & suggestions can improve the coin!
Because the Iridium devs care about the project and are not in for “ICO scams”

Written by: Μονομάχος

Comfuzio is a gamer since very young age, ahead of his era and Hellenic society in general. He is also very funny and informative!