September 2021

Release date: 23/9/2021

OS version: 10.0.22000.2285 (xb_flt_2109co.210920-1845) / Shell version: 2109.0.2109.10003

Play console games on Windows devices with the Xbox app for Windows

We’re opening up new possibilities for you to access console games on Windows devices with updates to the Xbox app for Windows. This includes playing from the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and directly from your console with remote play.

Xbox app for Windows

Save your Play later list

Curate your own list of games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog with Play later discovery. See a game that looks interesting? Just save it to your list and play it later.

Updates to Microsoft Edge on your Xbox

The latest version of Microsoft Edge is available on all Xbox consoles, bringing improved web standards to keep you safe while you browse. If a game opens a new Edge window for hints or guides, you can send that tab to another signed-in device to continue gaming on your console seamlessly. This update also comes with mouse and sync support, so you can manage your profile settings more easily in Edge on your console.

How to use Microsoft Edge on Xbox

Known issues


Some players have reported that when returning to a Quick Resume title, their controller isn’t responding in the game. Quitting and relaunching the game will resolve this.


There’s an issue in which the audio mixer may not be adjustable.


The icon for disc-based titles isn’t appearing on the dashboard for some players.


Some players have reported that HDMI-CEC isn’t working correctly. Ensure that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and that it’s also enabled. If the issue persists, report the problem.

My games & apps

Some games might appear with an incorrect “Trial” tag in My games & apps.


There are several sections of the dashboard that Narrator doesn’t currently read. We’re aware of the issue and investigating.


Some websites may prompt you to install their site as an application. This functionality is not currently supported on the console. If you attempt to install, you’ll need to exit and relaunch Edge.


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